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Black Friday Marketing Secrets 💡

It is almost Black Friday again! In 2020 it will fall on November 27, so if you have not started yet then now is the time! Exactly enough time to set up a nice promotion for your online business and to start making some sales with Black Friday marketing!

What is Black Friday and why is it called that?

For those who still do not know what Black Friday is, I will briefly explain what this is about and where it comes from in this blog.

Some say that Black Friday is the day when the red numbers turn into black for retailers and that is why it is called Black Friday. The name however is originally from Philadelphia. It was rather negative than positive at first. It was used by the police in the 60s to describe the chaos in the shopping malls. Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving when the holiday shopping season starts in America. The streets would turn black at this day.

However, since the 80s it has become an increasingly popular marketing term and is known as the shopping day of the year with fantastic discounts and promotions.

What is a good Black Friday marketing strategy? 🥇

Do you have a web shop, or do you offer your services online? Then this is the time to determine your strategy and set up a nice promotion. You are guaranteed to sell more than on a Blue Monday (although even this day is already used by marketers nowadays). We will explain here how to approach this and how to become successful.

Start with one or more good and clearly communicated promotions

Most importantly, you need a deal that is almost "impossible to refuse." In addition, you must make it clear that this is a one-time deal. So now or never again! Use a timer that shows exactly how long the action is still valid to the second. This ensures that the customer gets the feeling; "I have to buy this now before I'm late." That is what Black Friday marketing is all about.

Some good examples of Black Friday promotions are:

  • Discount promotions: Use competitive deals with high discount percentages and competitive prices. Do not add incredible discounts such as "from 999.99 for only 100 euros" or something like that because not many people will believe it. So, stay honest and give your customers a good discount that will still give you some profit as well. This of course differs per product and service.

  • Competitions: You can do a giveaway in advance of the deal via, for example, UpViral. People need to enter their email address so that they have a chance of winning the Black Friday deal. But then completely free. Then, people can share this giveaway again on social media for a higher chance of winning. Ultimately, you can email the rest about the actual deal.

  • Referrals: These are deals that can go viral on social media. You let others share your promotion and if something is sold via the shared message, he or she will be compensated for this. This is a type of affiliate marketing.

Create a landing page for your Black Friday promotion! 🦅

Use a landing page to boost and promote your Black Friday marketing campaign. Interested customers often start looking for Black Friday deals a week in advance, so it is important that you can also be found in the Google search results. Therefore, do not create a new landing page every year, but update your existing Black Friday page every year. This is better for your SEO.

Provide good content on your landing page. 🤩

Create videos, take good images, and explain in detail why someone should buy this deal now. Spend some time on this. You can of course also make an entire Black Friday collection, but it is often better to grab a well-running product with a good margin or a small selection. In this way there will be more focus on your Black Friday marketing campaign.

Make sure that the customer gets the feeling that they should order the promotion now. You can use different techniques for this. For example, the countdown timer is already an example, but "only x in stock" also works.

You can also create pop-ups on your homepage, for example, that show your "normal" website traffic the Black Friday marketing deal.

Do you want to make your landing page completely perfect? Then use Upsells and Cross-sells with Black Friday discounts! Your average total order value will be boosted.

What strategies can you use to reach your customers?

  • 📧 Email:

This is super important. Make sure to send your email list in advance and on the day itself. Your existing customers and connections are often already interested in your company and usually do not want to miss out on such a deal. Email marketing is also free.

  • Timing is important. Make sure you send an email in advance with a "save the date" notification. Send an email on the day itself too!

  • Provide a catchy headline! Use Emojis to stand out even more.

  • Create multiple mailing lists. Make sure you send returning customers a different email than someone who has never bought anything.

  • Make sure you have a good design! Do not send boring emails around, try to stand out.

  • ▶ ️ YouTube:

Use YouTube Ads and create a good catchy video to publicize your Black Friday deal. YouTube brings you the cheapest new brand awareness after SEO and email. It costs you an average of 1 to 3 cents per view, so you can promote your deal super cheaply compared to Facebook Ads, for example.

YouTube is the platform to go for reaching new audiences. And with a Black Friday super deal you have a good trigger that someone clicks your ad.

Watch these cool Black Friday commercials for example:

  • 👍 Facebook & 📷 Instagram:

Facebook and Instagram are always interesting. But use this for remarketing and a specific targeting on your target group! Facebook Ads are good for promoting competitive deals but keep an eye on the costs. Of course, you do not want these to explode.

  • 📈 Google Ads:

Google Ads are for the audience that actively searches. After all, you mainly target keywords in Google Ads. So, make sure you have clickable ads for your Black Friday deals. For example, do you sell mountain bikes? Make sure you are found on “mountain bike Black Friday deal 2020” for example and many other relevant search terms.

  • Use Google search ads with a countdown timer in the ad (Yes, this is possible)

  • Use Shopping ads with Black Friday in the text

  • Do your research for the relevant search terms! For example, use Ubersuggest for this.

  • 👻 Also post on the other social media channels:

If you use other channels such as Pinterest or Snapchat, you can of course also use them. But watch out with LinkedIn, not many people are waiting for these kinds of deals on LinkedIn. This of course depends on your product. But we can talk about this for hours anyway. LinkedIn, but also snapchat and Pinterest have much more specific target groups than, for example, Facebook so do your research!

Start with your own Black Friday marketing strategy as soon as possible. Make sure you set this up in advance and do not forget about it. This blog also functions as a reminder!

Do you need help with your Black Friday marketing? Please contact us!


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