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What are Snapchat ads? 👻

Snapchat Ads are online advertisements within Snapchat. You can use them for your company to promote your services or products. Snapchat is used by a relatively young target group. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the chance that you will see your parents with Snapchat is small (assuming they are over 40). This also means that it is not going to work for every company to use Snapchat Ads. But the users of Snapchat are generally daily users who use the app a lot. So, it could be an interesting platform to advertise.

An average of 238 million people use Snapchat every single day! The chances of Snapchatters shopping online are 20% higher and on average they spend 30 minutes a day on Snapchat! These are remarkably interesting figures.

What different types of Snapchat ads are there?

Single Image or Video Ads

These are the most standard ads within Snapchat. You can add an image or video with a swipe up addition. When you then swipe up, you will be taken to the landing page. They are shown between different types of Snapchat content such as stories.

A single image ad

Story ads

These are several consecutive single image or video ads. They are different ads following each other with a thumbnail image. You can find them in Snapchat's discover feed. It is possible to add 3 to 20 separate ads!

Collection ads

With collection ads you can add your catalog of products and create shopping ads. You can then display it at the bottom of your ad. Here is an example of what it could look like:

A collection ad

Sponsored filters

Snapchat filters can be found after you have taken a photo. You can add a filter to the photo you have just taken. Sponsored filters can also be found between these filters. You can send snaps with sponsored filters to your friends or add them to your story. When you want to create sponsored filters, it is important that you make the filter entertaining or funny because otherwise no one will use and like it. Sponsored filters are usually targeting a specific geographic area or demographic age range.

Sponsored filter

Lens AR experience ads

Sponsored lenses are the coolest Snapchat ads out there! You can create these augmented reality lenses for Snapchat users yourself. For example, you can put a mask on somebody’s face or, when the camera is turned, project something on the ground.

You can create these lenses yourself with the snapchat lens studio. You can upload them to Snapchat just like the filters and have them used by people. This is what it might look like (the pizza is not real):

Lens experience ads

Check out the video from the AR creator community of the Snapchat lens studio here:


Commercials are videos that cannot be clicked away. They last 6 seconds to be precise. The disadvantage of these ads is that they are not available everywhere but only in several countries: US, UK, AU, CA, FR, SA, AE, DE, NO, IE, KU

What do Snapchat ads cost?

You can make it as expensive as you want! It mainly depends on your targeting. For example, if you want to sponsor a filter or lens and show it to the whole city for a week, it will cost you a lot of money. But if you only want to show a filter for 2 days at your company’s street, it is affordable.

You can run Snapchat ads for 5 or 10 euros a day if you want. It is best to just test yourself with Snapchat ads and you will find out automatically. Of course, we can also help you with this! All you must do is ask.


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