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What is Twitch marketing?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Twitch is the largest online streaming platform in the world, and it is from Amazon (yes also). Twitch has about 17.5 million daily visitors and more than 400 million streams go live every month. This platform should therefore not be ignored in the online marketing world. There are several amazing ways to promote your products or services through Twitch.

How does Twitch work? 💡

Twitch is a streaming platform where anyone who creates an account can stream for free. Then people can come across your streams and follow you. To get a lot of followers you will of course have to stream a lot and create good valuable content. For example, there are categories you can browse, and you will see the streamers that are live at that moment. It is also often per region.

Twitch is most used by gamers who are streaming and gaming at the same time. This way you can watch their screen and listen to their beautiful words. However, the platform is also increasingly popular among other streamers. So, it is not just for gamers (anymore).

How can you make money on Twitch as a streamer?

Twitch has their own affiliate program for streamers. You will be automatically invited to this when you have more than 50 subscribers and stream at least 500 minutes per month. When you are a member of this affiliate program you can earn money through game sales, bits (paid emoticons that viewers can send to you) and subscriptions. This is when someone takes a paid subscription through your channel so that they stop seeing ads and get free emoticons, among other things. It can get truly lucrative when you have a lot of loyal subscribers and stream a lot.

How can you benefit from Twitch as a business?

It is possible to promote your products or services via display and video advertisements. It is a bit like YouTube ads:

Your video ads will then be shown in the livestreams to non-subscribers. You can register yourself at twitchadvertising.tv. However, this is far from the best way to promote your business through twitch! You can reach thousands of viewers with influencer marketing via Twitch. You can see an example of an influencer streamer here:

How does influencer marketing through Twitch work? 🤷

Mainly an incredibly young target group between the ages of 16 and 34 is using Twitch. It is also primarily a target group that consists largely of gamers and 65% is male and only 35 percent female. So, keep in mind that Twitch usually only works well for these audiences. This of course also depends on the streamer. Other target groups watch different videos. There are numerous streamers with sometimes millions of followers and thousands of viewers every day. You can hire these people to promote your products or services.

Most importantly, the viewers should remain entertained. So, it is not a good idea to just create a stream purely about a product you want to promote. Many viewers already see certain streamers as an example or are simply their fans. So, if these streamers promote a certain product or just use it while they are in the picture, this can have an incredibly positive effect on the sales of that product or service.

It is important to find a good balance between entertainment and marketing or sales in a stream. Most viewers understand these promotions are happening so it should not be overly promoted in a stream.

A big advantage is that it is live, and people do not just click away when they think they see a promotional product. It is also much more natural than a pre-made video ad. The content that performs and gets the most engagement on social media and Twitch is entertaining, inspiring, educational, telling a story, or offering discounts. The videos showing your products should be interesting, fun, and informative. They will probably do even better if you pair it with a giveaway or contest.

Find the right streamer! 🙋‍♀️

Of course, it is not always easy to find the right streamer so what you should pay attention to is the following:

  • · Followers and views

  • · Genre

  • · Target audience

  • · Language

  • · Engagement & Activity

It is important that a streamer has enough followers of course and streams often and actively communicates with his or her audience. In addition, the target group and genre in which the streamer streams must match your product or service. It is particularly important that streamers actively talk to their target audience. They can chat in the chatroom next to the stream.

Do you also want to promote your products with a stream? Boxbreaking can find a good influencer for you that suits you. Get in touch

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